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kateyswishes whispered: Your icon is adorable! I'm glad to hear that you are feeling God's presence. I can't wait to see the great things he is going to do in and thru your life! 

Thank you!!!!!!:]

Nuff said

Jeremiah 3:12-13

"Return to me. Then I will look on you with favor again. My love is faithful, announces The Lord. I will not be angry forever. Admit that you are guilty of doing what is wrong. You have refused to obey me. I am the LORD your God. You have committed adultery with other gods"

This passage speaks to me. I sinned, I turned my back on God, I committed adultery. But my “gods” were activities that were worldly. Alcohol,fornication,porn,etc. All those and more are “gods” and people do not know that! But thankfully Gods love is faithful (HE said that!) If we admit that we were wrong an repent, God will look on us with favor.
Lord, I thank you for allowing me to repent, to ask for forgiveness an get a second chance. I thank you for Your favor and mercy. I ask that YOU help me be strong in the sprit and to fight temptations so that I will not faint and lean on my own understanding. I ask that YOU help me to turn away and ignore the gods and idols I had on the pedestal. Thank you for YOUR everlasting mercy. In Jesus Almighty Name..amen.

I may have slipped and stumbled this week, but I don’t plan on turning my back on God again. Not after all He has done for me, the blessings and miracles I’ve witnessed. No, never. I just won’t give up and keep praying for my strength in The Lord!

He’s surely and He’s living on the inside roaring like a lion
"I love God, and I’m proud to say that."

I love God!!!

“I’m giving my life to the only one, who makes the moon reflect the sun. Every starry night, that was His design. I’m giving my life to the only Son, who was, and is, and yet to come. Let the praises ring, ‘cause He is everything”
Christ August - Starry Night (via a-little-bit-of-that)